The Next Track, Episode #136 – Breaking Up with iTunes?

The Next Track Blue Flat Button2 400pxWe look at some possible future scenarios about iTunes, in part because a recent change that Apple has made.

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2 thoughts on “The Next Track, Episode #136 – Breaking Up with iTunes?

  1. Yes, I believe it is time to break up with iTunes. I haven’t purchased anything from iTunes in the last two years. For most of my CD collection, I am converting to .aiff via dbpoweramp. Instead of purchasing CDs, I opt for hi-rez files. (fye, the last remaining retail store to purchase CDs in my region, is going out of business.) Hence, my iTunes album count will rarely increase because iTunes cannot handle FLAC and some other formats.

    Once I can no longer use iTunes to manage / update / sync my iPhone, I do not see much use for iTunes. It is becoming just like the iTunes Music Store situation. Once Apple stopped offering songs of the week, I rarely go to the store. Currently, checking out JRiver’s Media Center in preparation of a switch.

  2. I still use it, and subscribe to Apple Match for my 55,000+ tracks, all ripped from CDs at .wav or, more recently, AIFF format.

    My problem is that I have had to buy increasingly large external HHDs to store the library, attached to my MacBook Pro, that now approaches 2TB.

    It’s been difficult to keep the album art organized as I moved the library from drive to drive over time. All the recommended utilities (especially TuneUp) have not kept pace with the latest iterations of iTunes, and have been savagely reviewed.

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