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“While its trashcan form factor may work well for some (perhaps, as a new Mac mini pro, or maybe Mac Pro mini), it’s inadequate for traditional Mac creatives/professionals. For real pros, it’s a plain and simple failure.”

John Kheit lets loose with a lot of complaints about the “new” Mac Pro, released at the very end of 2013, and not upgraded since. He laments that fact that other Macs are faster, and that:

Poor trashcan Mac users have been forced to live like animals with rats nests of external drives, cables, PCI cages (because lots of people still need expansion cards)—all of these things are big, clunky, with noisy fans (rendering the quietness and compactness of the trashcan Mac meaningless), all while sucking up more power than the tidy integrated cMP.

I bought a Mac Pro in mid 2014, and I loved it. For the work I do, it was great. You could argue that, as a writer, I didn’t need such a powerhouse, and I don’t. However, I had decided to start digitizing my DVD and Blu-Ray collection, and the Mac I had previously – a Mac mini – just wasn’t up to the task.

(You can read my first impressions of the Mac Pro and my second impressions.)

I loved the look of the Mac Pro, and it was dead quiet. I did have to connect it to external hard drives, but that was just a single Thunderbolt cable. The USB cables, however, along with another cable to my Thunderbolt display, did make it a bit of a mess. Apple designed an attractive computer, but didn’t provide a way to keep the cables from looking unsightly.

What finally made me give up on it, however, was the fact that Apple hadn’t – and still hasn’t – released a standalone retina display. So when the 5K iMac was released, I bought one instantly, and sold the Mac Pro. It wasn’t easy though. The price of a new Mac Pro on eBay had dropped by 20%, and, fortunately, I had bought my Mac Pro with a discount (thanks unnamed Apple Store employees), so I didn’t lose too much money. But of the many used Macs I sold over the years, this was the hardest one to sell.

If Apple had released a standalone retina display, I’d have kept the Mac Pro; it really was a cool computer. But seeing what’s happened since then – no changes to the computer in two years – shows that Apple just doesn’t care. Or, that iMacs can do pretty much everything that pros need, as long as they have some Thunderbolt peripherals.

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  1. I just don’t get it. Why invest so much into redesigning the computer and not release a matching display? I do actually see them killing off the Mac Pro. Maybe one more update to it.

  2. Maybe you don’t understand that a 5K monitor cannot be driven by Thunderbolt2… they made that abundantly clear that the bandwidth required to feed a 5K monitor isn’t sufficient with Thunderbolt2. Why not just buy a 4K Eizo? Seems weird that the reason you wouldn’t stick with the new Mac Pro is that there wasn’t a matching monitor. And the performance hit you take moving from a Mac Pro to an iMac is pretty significant. Unless you were only using the base model New Mac Pro. In that case, you should have bought an iMac to begin with.

    • So they should have a 4K standalone display. It’s been nearly two years, and there’s nothing better than the Thunderbolt display.

      I was using the base model Mac Pro, and, at the time, I had a Thunderbolt display, so I didn’t want to buy an iMac. I thought I could get the Mac Pro, and that Apple would soon release a better standalone display. But after a few months, when the retina iMac was released, I realized they weren’t going to. So I bailed.

  3. Remember Apple printers? I still miss my ImageWriter LQ thumping away printing fan-fold spreadsheets. I’m really glad that Apple-branded monitors are still manufactured, I would hate to be forced to add a Dell screen to my desktop layout (Thunderbolt display + Quad i7 mac-mini).

    I’m sure we’ll get new monitors someday, just like we eventually got our new Mac Pro. Was that the longest ever wait for a Mac model update?

    • I have a perfectly good Apple 27″ LED display so didn’t want to buy an iMac to replace my Mac Pro 1,1 . I ended up using my company-issued MacBook Pro as a CPU with my whole bootable environment housed in a Sonnet Echo 15+ dock (holds HDD and Blueray burner) which connects to all my peripherals, Ethernet and then to the MacBook with a single Tbolt cable. The diplay’s Mag Safe 2 output keeps the laptop charged. Very neat.

      What I’d really like is another hulking Mac Pro with modern guts, 4 drive bays, etc. however Apple isn’t interested in providing one. Maybe that will change. Maybe my LED display will die. Meanwhile Sonnet made a $600 sale and Apple got nothing from me and I’m set for awhile longer.

      As for the LQ Imagewriter – I had one around till last year; finally turned it over to a dealer who actually managed to sell it. Hadn’t used it in ages. Great doorstop if nothing else and with a LocalTalk network card, no less. Eventually the time comes to let go of the past. I’ll never give up my Cube, though. Never.

  4. I’m happy with mine. I had to sell some PCIe specialized audio cards (Pro Tools and UAD) but migrated to newer, better Thunderbolt versions.
    Storage is a 5 bay Thunderbolt Drobo.
    Yes, lots & lots of USB a devices. Two 10-port hubs.
    I believe I have the 6-core with 32GB RAM and 1tb SSD system drive.

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