Siri and the History of Art

Ask Siri “Who was the greatest French painter of the 18th century?”

Siri french painters

Works for other centuries too, such as 17th, 19th, etc.

I wonder where Siri went wrong with this one…

Turns out my friend Rob Griffiths figured something out. He found that if you ask “who is the greatest painter,” then Siri gets in right. It’s all about tense. Sort of.

4 thoughts on “Siri and the History of Art

    • I have it set to US English. Interesting that it works for you. I found this after someone else pointed it out to me, so I’m not the only one it’s happening to.

  1. I had a similar result recently, where a non-math question was answered with a simple division result. Can’t remember what it was, though. I also have British Siri male voice with US English.

    Old Siri requests aren’t stored anywhere, are they?

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