Now Available: Take Control of iTunes 12, Second Edition

Tc itunes cover 200 2xApple is constantly changing iTunes, whether by adding new features or fiddling with the interface. All this change can make using iTunes an ongoing challenge, especially since some of the new features — notably Apple Music and iCloud Music Library — are major. When we get stuck with iTunes, a quick read through the relevant section of my Take Control of iTunes 12: The FAQ has long been the best way to find help.

The second edition of Take Control of iTunes, up to date for iTunes 12.5 (more precisely, 12.5.5), is now available. This carefully organized compendium of iTunes wisdom now includes discussions of Apple Music, iCloud Music Library, iTunes Match, “loves” versus stars, “dislikes,” viewing lyrics, macOS notifications, Apple Watch audio, new tags for classical music, media sharing versus home sharing, and a lot more.

The book pays close attention to all the changes made to iTunes 12.5, yet remains a full course in using and managing your iTunes library.

Get Take Control of iTunes 12, Second Edition now from Take Control Books: Take Control of iTunes 12: The FAQ.

3 thoughts on “Now Available: Take Control of iTunes 12, Second Edition

  1. Hi Does this book cover fixing/maintaining/cleaning up the iTunes media library problems. An example of some of my problems.. The tracks from some albums end up split in iTunes. i.e…. track 1-4 show up ok… but tracks 5 – 13 show up as separate albums ? Tags seem OK/consistent . Other albums show some duplicate tracks… checking the actual mp3’s.. there are no duplicates.. so I look again through iTunes and delete the duplicates ? Anyway.. a lot of little problems like that… btw… my lib is med/large…(about 35000 tracks – 225GB) and I point to it on an external USB drive.. My mac is an Air… so I don’t have enough hd space

  2. A huuuge thank you, Kirk! Or should I say “Captain” Kirk! For those of you who don’t get the reference, go to 9gag! I highly recommend Kirk’s book! He helped me understand a iTunes-related podcast issue, with a quick email, after I’ve spent weeks browsing for a solution!

    BUY THE BOOK! He knows what he’s doing! Great guy!

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