Music Auto-Download Bug Not Fixed in iOS 9.3 Beta

I recently reported that iCloud Music Library is automatically downloading music added to iTunes libraries to iOS devices, causing many people to hit the data caps on their iPhones, and ring up big overage charges. It also depletes the battery of devices, and fills them up.

With the recent release of a beta version of iOS 9.3, I was hoping that Apple would have fixed this. Alas, no; the problem still exists.

After installing iOS 9.3 on my iPod touch, I added Jerry Garcia’s first solo album Garcia to my iTunes library. It immediately downloaded, as you can see below. (That tiny phone-shaped icon with a check inside it indicates that the album is on the device.)

Ios 93 auto download

iOS 9.3 is a minor update, with some major new features, but apparently it hasn’t had this bug corrected. A number of people who have reported this bug to Apple (including myself) have had requests for logs, suggesting that Apple really doesn’t have a handle on what’s going wrong. It’s not actually clear whether the bug is in iOS itself, or on the back end, in iCloud Music Library.

6 thoughts on “Music Auto-Download Bug Not Fixed in iOS 9.3 Beta

    • Well, no, I don’t. If u read the original article I link to, I make it very clear. And if you read the Apple forum threads I also link to in the original article, it’s very clear that this is not the issue. So, u know, read a bit more first maybe?

      • I had the same thing happen to me yesterday also, but I don’t even have iCloud Music Library enabled, so I don’t think it’s strictly an ICML bug (I’m running 9.2.1). I also have all auto music downloads turned off in settings.

  1. Same Problem :/ at least it does not download over cellular…
    Guess what i googled first “iphone 6s battery less than a day” ^^ *sighs* not funny :(

  2. Thanks for this, I knew it wasn’t me.. So this is a reall bug…smh…apple is really losing it’s product integrity.

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