Learn How to Record Any Audio on Your Mac with My New Book, Take Control of Audio Hijack

Tc audio hijackLearn how to use Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack 3 to capture and enhance any audio playing on a Mac. Audio expert Kirk McElhearn provides instructions for setting up common scenarios — including recording Skype and FaceTime calls, extracting audio from concert DVDs, digitizing LPs, and working with mics and mixers, among much else. Kirk also helps you edit recordings in Rogue Amoeba’s Fission audio editor.

“Find sound advice for recording anything on your Mac!”

You’ll learn how to pipe sound through Audio Hijack to enhance its quality without recording. For example, by boosting the volume or tweaking the bass — movies on Netflix never sounded better!

You’ll also discover special features such as reusable sessions, recording to more than one file (and format) at once, scheduling recordings, time shifting during live playback, effects like ducking and panning, adding automatic metadata before recording, and more.

And if you have a collection of vinyl LPs, you’ll even learn how to use Audio Hijack to import those albums to your digital music library, and you can take advantage of some powerful tools in Audio Hijack to get rid of clicks and noise from the records as you do so.

The Fission chapter has directions for trimming, cropping, adding, replacing, splitting, combining, and fading audio. It also explains how to turn an audio file into a ringtone and — podcasters and educators take note! — how to make a chapterized AAC file.

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2 thoughts on “Learn How to Record Any Audio on Your Mac with My New Book, Take Control of Audio Hijack

  1. Unrelated to this recent announcement of yet another guide I will soon buy, as a purchaser of many a TCo title, including your own Launchbar and iTunes (10, 11 & 12), I would truly look forward to one of Little Snitch. Whaddya say, Kirk?

  2. One of the obvious uses of audio recording is for radio shows you cannot listen at the time of broadcast. Radioshift, also from Rogue Amoeba, used to do this nicely. However, the app is no longer available/supported. Are there viable alternatives? Do you address this in your book?

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