Learn How to Master Apple’s Photos App on Mac and iOS with this Take Control Book

Tc3 photosGet to know Apple’s Photos app in Photos: A Take Control Crash Course and learn to use it to import, manage, edit, and share your photos in High Sierra and iOS 11! As the successor to Apple’s iPhoto app, Photos has a more refined interface and deeper connections to iCloud, and it runs faster. Following the expert advice of Jason Snell, publisher of Six Colors and former lead editor at Macworld, you’ll learn how to navigate Photos like a pro, including how to:

  • Migrate your library from iPhoto or Aperture (Apple’s discontinued professional photography app) into Photos
  • Import photos from devices or memory cards
  • Use multiple Photos libraries
  • Navigate the Photos interface, including the sidebar and icons
  • View or disable Live Photos
  • Organize your library by using enhanced search features, adding metadata, building albums, and creating smart albums
  • Edit your photos using quick-fixes like cropping, applying filters, and fixing red-eye and rotation problems
  • Use advanced editing techniques within Photos and edit using external apps like Photoshop
  • Manage your photo collection using the Memories and People features, and get summary views
  • Sync your photos with iCloud
  • View your photos on an Apple TV
  • Share your photos via social media, export them out of Photos, turn them into slideshows, or create printed objects (books, calendars, cards, prints)

ason also highlights major new changes in Photos under High Sierra and iOS 11, including a redesigned interface, editing improvements, new support for external editing apps, upgrades to the Live Photos feature, and a smarter People feature.

This book, which is about the new versions of Photos that Apple released in September 2017, covers Photos for macOS version 3.0 in High Sierra, as well as Photos in iOS 11 and tvOS 11.

Get Photos: A Take Control Crash Course.

5 thoughts on “Learn How to Master Apple’s Photos App on Mac and iOS with this Take Control Book

  1. A question:
    Is there a way to “one way” sync icloud library?

    Example: I do want my camera photos (imported first to my macbook pro) on my Ipad and Iphone and like sometimes to edit them on the mobile app, but don’t want my casual Iphone photos on my macbook pro, mixed with my super professional photos taken with my camera.

    I am aware of smart albums, but was wondering if there is a settings for “one way” syncing from Mac to Iphone but not the opposite.

    • If you don’t use iCloud Photo library, you can sync photos to the phone via iTunes. You can choose which albums to sync.

      • I do use iCloud Photo library and like its “optimize storage” feature and the option to edit photo on my Ipad and have them synced back to the Mac with non destructive edits.

        What I am looking for is an option “don’t import to iCloud Photo library Photos taken with device x” but still being able to use device x to browse iCloud Photo library and edit pics.

        thanx for the answer.

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