iTunes Overload, or There’s Just Too Much Stuff in iTunes These Days

I’ve never flown a commercial airliner, not even in a flight simulator, but I imagine it’s pretty similar to operating the latest version of iTunes. There are so many buttons, so many menus and menu items, that understanding what iTunes does has become extremely difficult.

I understand that you can do a lot with iTunes (yeah, I know, you may say it’s “bloated;” I disagree), but it’s so far beyond “intuitive,” that average users hunt and peck to try and get things to work, and many just give up. Even I, who write Macworld’s Ask the iTunes Guy column, have gotten confused by many of the changes in the latest version of iTunes.

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2 thoughts on “iTunes Overload, or There’s Just Too Much Stuff in iTunes These Days

  1. iTunes is so bad now that it shakes my confidence in almost all Apple products and especially software. iTunes 12 is an abomination. I want to revert back to the days when it was a logical program that was easy to use and synced reliably. Not sure we’ll ever see that again.

  2. I’ve had to ‘solve’ some of my iTunes problems by having it on multiple computers.

    * an up-to-date version on a mini server, used only for transfers to/from Match, putting in a few playlists for Match, and for training one iRadio station (early music, which mostly works ok by track). This iTunes doesn’t know about my real music collection, only about disposable copies.

    * 11.4 on my primary mac (snow leopard) for syncing the iThings. It knows about most of my music, but not all, and does nothing but play it to local speakers. Match is not turned on.

    * 10.n on an old mini, also snow leopard, for managing the entire collection, doing old-style sharing to my local network, and syncing to a nano I use when doing chores (I like the old DJ mode to get random tracks interspersed with specific podcasts, audio lectures, or multi-track works.)

    The iThings are set up with Match, and if I want something specific on them that isn’t in Match, I shove it onto an airstash.

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