iTunes 12.6 Brings Back Playlist Windows

Remember how you liked having playlists in their own windows? Well, it’s back in the latest iTunes update. Right-click on a playlist and choose Open Playlist in New Window.

You can also open a playlist window by pressing the Command key and double-clicking on the name of a playlist. (On Windows, press the Control key and double-click; I haven’t tried it, so if it doesn’t work, please post a comment.)

What we need now – again, since it used to be possible – is the ability to view the iTunes Store in its own window…

2 thoughts on “iTunes 12.6 Brings Back Playlist Windows

  1. I can’t quite believe it. I don’t remember how many times I requested they bring back that feature via iTunes Feedback. I gave up, since it seemed kind of insane to keep yammering into the void with no one apparently listening. But maybe they were?

  2. Holy Moly. What possible reason is there for the iTunes programmers totally forgetting it for so long, then suddenly remembering that everyone wanted it.

    Hard to believe, indeed.

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