Intego Mac Podcast, Episode 80: When should you upgrade your Mac?

Macs last a long time, but whatever your needs, you’ll need to upgrade your Macs eventually. Whether you buy new or used, there comes a time when you need more power, RAM, storage, or all of the above. You don’t necessarily have to upgrade your entire Mac. We discuss the different variations of upgrading your Apple hardware.

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2 thoughts on “Intego Mac Podcast, Episode 80: When should you upgrade your Mac?

  1. Hi Kirk, I enjoyed listening to this podcast. I wonder if there could be a follow up for those of us nearing the time we really do need to buy a replacement.
    After listening, I looked at the iMac/Mac Mini/Macbook choices on the Apple web site. Two things became apparent. 1. the prices are still very high, particularly for memory and SSD storage 2. the product offerings are almost indistinguishable from what they were 4,5, 6 years ago when buying many of my other Macs. Would it be sacrilege to suggest also looking at non-Mac options?

    • Non-Mac options such as building a Hackintosh? If it’s a Windows PC you want, we’re not well placed to make recommendations. This said, if you’re not dependent on Mac-specific apps, it might be worth checking out Windows, but I still feel that the Mac is overall a better, more stable, and more secure operating system.

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