How to View Which Artists You’re Following on Apple Music in iTunes

FollowingApple today released iTunes 12.2.2, which contains a number of fixes and enhancements related to Apple Music. One of the new features is the ability to see a list of artists that you’re following.

To do this, you must be signed into the iTunes Store or Apple Music. Click on your name in the toolbar, and, in the menu, click @Following. You’ll see a list with images of the artists and Following buttons. Click an artist’s name to view their page in Apple Music, or click FOLLOWING to unfollow them.

Following list

4 thoughts on “How to View Which Artists You’re Following on Apple Music in iTunes

  1. Maybe. Maybe not.

    I’m getting a page showing all my music library albums. Yes, 12.2.2. Several tries. Several restarts of iTunes.

  2. Fixed the issue where adding an album to “My Music” wouldn’t necessarily add all of the songs. It would often leave several songs from an Album out. Many times these were songs that I had on other albums such as greatest hits etc…. Now when I add those same albums all songs move over.

  3. While I didn’t have it as bad as most with Apple Music and iTunes match etc… This update seems to fix quite a few of the more annoying issues for me. Hopefully they can clean up and simplify the menus and UI.

  4. The following artists button isn’t working…has anyone else not been able to go in and see who you are following in the Apple Music iPad version?

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