How to Use Up Next in the iOS 10 Music App

Whenever you play anything in the iOS Music app – or in iTunes – the Up Next queue contains that track, plus what follows. Up Next can be confusing; you may want to listen to an album, then find that another album, and another, are in the queue. So it’s useful to be able to clear the Up Next queue.

Using Up Next in the iOS 10 Music app is a bit different from before. To access the Up Next queue, you no longer tap the … button, but you swipe up from the Now Playing controller. First, you need to expand that controller. In the screenshot below, it’s the line at the bottom, above the labeled buttons. To expand it, tap it, but not on the play/pause or next buttons. It expands to fill the screen.

Play music

To view the Up Next queue, swipe the Now Playing screen upward. You’ll see this mid-swipe:

Up next

Keep swiping up and you’ll be able to view the Up Next queue. If you tap and drag one of the handles at the right, you can move tracks around, and if you swipe to the left, very carefully, you can remove tracks.

(In the first version of this article, I said that it was impossible to delete tracks from the Up Next queue. A Twitter follower showed me a screenshot, and I found that you can indeed swipe to delete tracks, but you have to swipe very deliberately. It seems as though any vertical movement prevents the track from showing the Remove button. The swiping necessary here is very different from other apps, such as Mail. This might need to be fine-tuned.)

There is, however, no way to clear the Up Next queue, which is a mistake. I often want to do this, to start over, or to add a few albums or a playlist to the queue.

It’s also worth noting that there’s no way to view your play history in the iOS Music app. This was related to Up Next, and still is in iTunes on the desktop.

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30 thoughts on “How to Use Up Next in the iOS 10 Music App

  1. The inability to clear up next is infuriating, I cannot understand how this was overlooked in the beta process. I submitted several feedback items about this (and about star ratings). I’m trying to work out what was actually improved between beta 1 and the release in the music app. I can only think of the new “favourites/new music” mixes, airplay icon change and partial lyrics support.

    • Still some bugs in Apple Music. Hit a song from your Library, and it queues up ALL of my songs.

      However, quitting the app does clear the whole Up Next queue. Also, if you touch and hold (on iPhone 6 — may be different on 6s or newer) a song’s name and choose Play Next or Play Later, you can add only the single song.

  2. Oh boy. Your blog posts on the iOS 10 Music App today make me want to dust off Ecoute.

    Bummer. ‘Music’ is my favorite App, but it doesn’t seem like it’s much of an upgrade? I was really looking forward to the overhaul, with it UI that looks nicely reminiscent of the iPod Classic’s, but the exclusion of some really fundamental features feels more like a downgrade to me.

  3. i”m on the public beta, and every time a new build was released, the first thing I looked for was a Clear Up Next button. I also submitted feedback on this. Very frustrating.

  4. I miss having a history for the music that I missed while engaged on something else. I found that the Music app in Messages works though it’s a pain in the butt to have to go over there. I wish that they could have at least included a live updating playlist that showed a play history.

  5. I guess most music today sucks so people only have 1-3 songs on an album, I have albums of 20 songs and sometimes have to swipe 15 times to remove up next individually like I’m on a fucking Samsung

  6. I just found that when you choose to play a song (tap directly onto the title) different from now playing song, that will clear all up next song and start new. Hope it will help though not a nice method.
    I’m still confusing about why shuffle and repeat option just appear during first song after that those are dissappear.

  7. You can also touch and hold (on iPhone 6 — may be different on iPhone 6s or newer) on a song’s name and then choose Play Next or Play Later to just add the single song to the front or end of your Up Next queue.

  8. I’m on an iPhone 6, and my Up Next queue doesn’t have the handles to rearrange the songs (and trying to drag them around as if the handles were there doesn’t work). I also don’t get the option to play later when I long press on a song like someone else mentioned in the comments.

    • I too can’t rearrange songs in the Up Next Queue or add to Play Later only Play Next when I press and hold a single song in my library. I also have an iPhone 6. Why don’t I have these options? Apple needs to get it together.

      • I had the same problem with not being able to rearrange songs on Up Next, and discovered it’s because I had the Up Next qeue set to repeat. When you scroll up to access the Up Next qeue you should see two buttons – shuffle and repeat, make sure repeat is not selected and hopefully that’ll bring back the handles and allow you to manually adjust the Up Next qeue.

  9. You can clear up next very easy i just did it myself if you want to remove all your current list of songs in queue with 2 or more songs in queue. or even a whole album. tap the song you want it to be cleared with a pop up will show up and it will read After playing this do you want to play the song you’ve added to up next? then give you keep up next clear up next or cancel to….. Hope this helps I’m learning just like everyone else without force touch waiting on my 7 plus 256 to arrive

  10. Apple moved my cheese! I have found over the years that I get frustrated with each major iOS upgrade but wind up liking the new version even more in the end. Maybe it is because their software is actually very good, which makes the changes very obvious and impactful. If I didn’t know and use their software every single day, I wouldn’t give a shit.

  11. On my iphone 6, IOS 10, I can remove song titles from “Up Next” via the leftward swipe, but the songs themselves are played as though still on the list. Can’t imagine what I could be doing wrong. Has anyone else experienced this?

  12. I just upgraded to iOS 10 yesterday and already missing the previous version. I use music a lot and what I really liked was the ability to select what song I had play next by just selecting that song. I’ve got to much music in my library to be moving tracks from the bottom of a list to the top. Shouldn’t “upgrades” make things easier?

  13. I don’t get it, I’m removing songs from the que, then when I let my screen light go out, I find the next song being played one of the ones I just got rid of! Urgh!!!! Why are they not staying removed from the up next que?

  14. I think they made a lot of mistakes by redesigning the Music app.
    For example: I love to listen to a song and then put random songs to ‘up next’ and create sort of a customized playlist every single time I’m listening to music. You can’t do this anymore.
    You do still have the ‘Play Next’ option, but I absolutely hate it. It’s like Google Play Music. If you choose a song and tap on ‘play next’, and then choose another song and tap on ‘play next’, the last song you choose will play first. It was the other way around with the ‘up next’ option.
    Apple, please get this right.

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