How to Use Apple Music’s Personal DJ Feature to Create Your Own Personal Radio Station

New in Apple Music, as part of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra, is a feature that Apple calls Personal DJ. This is a sort of Apple Music Radio station that is tailor-made to your musical taste.

Personal djApparently, the only way to invoke this is by asking Siri – on an iOS device or a Mac – to “Play some music,” or a similar phrase. This launches your personal radio station, whose “artwork” you’ll see as that to the left, with your photo or avatar, if you’ve added one to your profile. (Read this article to learn how to set up an Apple Music profile, and how to share your listening history.)

After you have played this once, it will show up in the Recently Played section of For You, or in the Radio section of iTunes or the iOS Music app. So you’ll be able to launch it from there.

The music played by this station seems to include the following:

  • Music you have purchased from the iTunes Store (if any).
  • Music you have added to your iCloud Music Library.
  • Music from Apple Music that you have loved.
  • Music from Apple Music that you have played.

When I’ve listened to this, it has included some music that I had added to my iCloud Music Library from Apple Music, but that I had since deleted, because I didn’t like it. So that suggests that one of the criteria is music that has been played, even just once.

There’s a problem, though; while I was able to launch this from iTunes a few days ago, now, when I click the graphic for my station, nothing happens. It seems to try to load music, then stops. And on my iPhone this morning, launching this station causes the Music app to freak out a bit. It just cycles through tracks, a few per second, not playing anything at all. (See below.)

This did work fine the other day, and the selection of music was quite good, since it is all music I’ve selected in one way or another. This Personal DJ feature will be interesting, when Apple gets it to work correctly. (Update: it’s working on iOS now, about six hours after I wrote the article. It still doesn’t work in iTunes.)

4 thoughts on “How to Use Apple Music’s Personal DJ Feature to Create Your Own Personal Radio Station

  1. Can you add a second station for your country music loving wife or pop music be-bopping young children?

    • You can create lots of radio stations, they just won’t work the same way (Siri: play music.). Say Siri: play country music.

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