How To Access More Music Genres in the iTunes Store

Itunes store music genresWhen browsing the iTunes Store, you can choose to view content from a number of genres. You can choose, for example, from Alternative, Classical, Electronic, Jazz, Rock and More. But the iTunes Store actually holds many more genres than what display in its popup menus. You just need to find them.

To access these “hidden” genres, scroll down to the bottom of a page in the iTunes Store, and, in the Features section of the footer, click Browse. This takes you to a column browser, where you can browse through all the content in the iTunes Store. Click Music, and you’ll see dozens of genres, including Chinese, Enka (?), Marching, New Age, and much more. You can’t see what’s new in these genres, but you can browse artists and albums if you’re interested in any of them.Itunes store music genres long

6 thoughts on “How To Access More Music Genres in the iTunes Store

  1. On a similar note, Rhapsody has the option of browsing by several hundred sub-genres. Each sub-genre displays top tracks, new releases, essential artists and radio.

    • Yes, I don’t know why they removed that one. What’s odd is that if you find an album in a genre like that, then click the genre name at the top of the iTunes Store window, it just takes you to the main Music page. In other words, they’re still using the genre in paths in the store, but not all genres lead to anything useful.

  2. Many thanks for this eye opener! It’s helpful to knowing the tree structure, even of most genres and braches don’t make into the menu. This knowledge helps tremendously in designing search strings, for example “children/arabic”. An ordinary ordinary search for that would be a nightmare.

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