How to Access HomePod Settings

Setting up the HomePod is easy; just hold your iPhone or iPad near it, and a card displays on the device. You tap a few times, making some decisions, and it’s ready.

But there are a number of settings for the HomePod, and it’s good to know where they’re hidden. To find them, go to the Home app. You’ll find your HomePod in whatever room you’ve assigned it to. Tap its icon, then tap details.

Homepod settings01   Homepod settings02

You’ll see a long screen of settings. At the top are general settings about the device and its location. Below that are some settings for Music & Podcasts, then Siri settings.

Homepod settings03   Homepod settings04

And the final section covers location services, accessibility, and information about the device.

Homepod settings05

Have a browse through these settings, notably for Siri, which offers a wide range of options.

3 thoughts on “How to Access HomePod Settings

  1. I know you’ve mentioned this in passing, but possibly not everyone will realise that before you even take the Home Pod out of the box, you need:
    an iPhone or iPad and they must be running version 11.2.5
    you must have the Home app and Apple Music app installed on your iDevice – these are for setting-up purposes. ( you are not required to subscribe to Apple Music. That is offered later on as an option. But you need to have the app).

    Just for background info.

    • Bleh, I see now it is possible (it is mentioned on the tech spec page). Must have overlooked it.

      PS – I find a slightly odd it is not yet available here in Japan. a country that loves gadgets and has a huge iPhone market.

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