Hey Apple, Fix This: Siri-ous mistakes: Apple’s personal assistant still needs a lot of work

Apple fix this

Siri, Apple’s voice-controlled virtual assistant, can be a wonderful tool. It can tell me what time it is, what the weather’s going to be, and even perform some basic calculations. I can use it to set an alarm, start a timer, or open an app.

But beyond those simple tasks, Apple’s virtual assistant doesn’t make the grade for me. And I’m not alone; Siri fails for a lot of people, even for simple questions.

Apple touts Siri as a miraculous tool that can simplify your life and turn your iPhone into a personal butler. But it doesn’t always work that way. It works fairly well with calendar events and emails, sends text messages efficiently, and calls people (if it understands their names).

Siri is one of those features that looks good in Apple’s ads, but that doesn’t always perform as it should.

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And after I wrote the article, I did some testing of Siri on the macOS Sierra beta. Why was I not surprised by this?

Siri grateful dead

3 thoughts on “Hey Apple, Fix This: Siri-ous mistakes: Apple’s personal assistant still needs a lot of work

  1. I think those ads are faked….

    Siri is, always has been, and always will be, an utter disgrace. Painful, embarrassing, slow, inept, wrong, inarticulate, biased, unfunny.

    I think Apple maintain some cosmetic features, put siri at the top, just to take part in the conversation about ai assistants.
    The big selling point for the upcoming so-called mac os is siri. We’re screwed…

  2. Agreed. One of the worst offenses is not finding music that I clearly own and clearly have on my iPhone, and Siri clearly understood me, but still doesn’t find the music.

    • Yes, you’re right! Music non-recognition! Unforgivable, but alas, typical.

      Once one tries software that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, one simply stops using it.
      Siri fits the bill.

      Furthmore, it does not learn your voice/accent/common requests from repeated use.

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