Hey Apple, Fix This: It’s time for Safari to go on a memory diet

I like Safari. I’ve used Apple’s web browser for most of my work since it was released. I do use Chrome and Firefox for certain tasks, but Safari is my default browser.

I like the way Safari has tabs, and how you can pin tabs to keep windows available all the time while only taking up a tiny amount of space in the tab bar.

I like Safari’s Reader feature, the way it connects with my keychain to store passwords, and the ability to sync bookmarks, favorites, and other data with my iOS devices.

But there’s one thing I don’t like about Safari: it’s a gourmand.

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3 thoughts on “Hey Apple, Fix This: It’s time for Safari to go on a memory diet

  1. I’m trying St. Clair Software “APP TAMER” ($15), so far my 2012 MBP is running cooler and conserving my 16meg ram better. Ridiculous that Apple is getting so sloppy that I have to do this. I still have to close all windows and stop Safari 9.1.3 every couple of days but had to do that every day before. Safari needs the option to close any window not in use, I have no reason to keep any of them open.

  2. Really? Have you tried Chrome or Firefox? It is much, much worse, particularly Chrome.
    And yeah, Google Docs is one hungry beast; not that iCloud.com or the MS counterpart (forgot the name, sorry) are any better.

    You can blame it all on javascript… Webdevs want more better bigger faster; something has to give. And of course ads and trackers both loading bloated (and bad) JS.

    • Of course I have. Just because they’re worse is no excuse for Safari to allow apps to freeze everything up. Blame it on whomever you want, but Apple should fix it or allow the user the option to auto close all apps that aren’t in use.

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