Episode #93 – Simon Vance on Narrating Audiobooks

The Next Track Blue Flat Button2 400pxIf you’re an audiobook listener, you will probably recognize this voice. We welcome Simon Vance, one of the most widely appreciated narrator of audiobooks. He discusses what it involves to record audiobooks, and how the audiobook industry works.

Listen to The Next Track: Episode #93 – Simon Vance on Narrating Audiobooks.

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3 thoughts on “Episode #93 – Simon Vance on Narrating Audiobooks

  1. IMHO most remembered and replayed audiobook performances:
    1. James Mason reading, “The Third Man” by Graham Greene.
    2. “The Black Cat” read by Seán Barrett. I’ve listened to this many multiple times.
    3. Dorothy Parker’s “Big Blonde” read by Lauren Bacall

    • Thank you, John, for mentioning Sean Barrett. When podcast started and became popular 10 years ago or earlier, I heard it on Penguin podcast an excerpt of Perfume narrated by Sean Barrett, and I immediately liked both the story and the voice. Unfortunately the audio book was only available on cassette tapes at the time, then I forgot all about it. Now I am going to have something new to be added to my listening list.

  2. This is one of the best episodes, absolutely fascinating, although not music related. So glad that you (and your guest) once again have something fresh and wonderful to delight us.

    When I had time to listen to audio books, I did just that, looking for what I listen to purely based on the narrator that I like, such as Alfred Molina and Steven Pacey. Next one perhaps will be Samuel West.

    BTW, heard Anthony Powell lately on Desert Island Disc Archive, he said music wasn’t a big part of his life. Haven’t read or listened to any of his books, but watched the Dance TV series on DVD. Really enjoyed it.

    Thank you for creating such a unique podcast.

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