Crossfade Songs Is Broken in iTunes 12.4

There are a number of little bugs in iTunes 12.4, the latest version of Apple’s media manager and player. One that has come to light is the fact that the Crossfade Songs feature is broken. When this feature is active, iTunes segues songs, using a user-configurable amount of time for the cross fade.


I’ve gotten lots of reports from readers about this, and I can confirm that it doesn’t work for me. This is clearly a bug, and I’m sure Apple will fix it soon. But if you’re used to using the Crossfade Songs feature, and it’s not working, you should know that it’s not you; it seems to be happening to everyone.

11 thoughts on “Crossfade Songs Is Broken in iTunes 12.4

  1. When I enable crossfade it does not work in playlists but it SORT OF works in albums; it fades a song OUT but does not fade the next song IN… I have been looking all over the net for hours and I don’t think there is a solution to this… ARG [iTunes OSX)

  2. It’s been broken for a loooong time. What’s worse, recent versions [maybe 12 and higher) have it working inconsistently for me. I have no clue why some tunes crossfade to the next and some don’t. Also, albums don’t even go smoothly from one tune to another… which sucks for anything that sonically bridges the two songs (like live albums) – I get a short gap of silence, BUT AGAIN: INCONSISTENTLY.

    Many years ago, this always worked perfectly 100% of the time with ancient versions if iTunes on my ancient Macs.

  3. It does work, but only when an album’s tracklist is out of order (shuffle engaged), or with custom and smart playlists.

  4. Just stopped working for me on tis latest version that was just released tonight..
    The slide bar is there and checked, but not working…

  5. Not working for me either. Not sure what to do. I really count on this feature when playing playlists in church. Fade is much smoother… Frustrating…

  6. Yep, again here – update broke it.
    Why do Apple continue to break features that work perfectly fine with updates that make it worse ? Beats me.
    Any body any ideas when they intend fixing this ?

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