Beware This Amazon Phishing Email

I got a phishing email today purporting to be from Amazon. Most of these emails are obvious frauds, but this one looks real enough that it might fool some people.


It claims to be about a refund, and billing information that needs to be updated. I actually had an issue similar to this recently, when my credit card was renewed with a different number. But, of course, the real Amazon email looks different than this one.

As always, you can hover your cursor over the link and see that it’s not a real link:


If you’re on iOS, tap and hold the link to see the web address.

Be smart; think before you click.

2 thoughts on “Beware This Amazon Phishing Email

  1. I received multiple PayPal account suspension emails sent to my organisation email address, but the fact is I have no PayPal account yet.
    Prettt sure we need to pay enough attention to almost every single email we receive and check every link before clicking.

  2. I consistently get this type of emails and I do not open them. I send them straight to the Spam Folder. Usually they are free Gift Cards for two local supermarkets or hardware stores. Also I get emails for payouts of large sums of money, free products from IKEA, Nivea Products, Oral B, Dyson Vacuum Cleaner, Apple, Mazda CX-9 Toyota, Nespresso, to name just some I receive. Last week I had an email stating I had a failed email sent. From: “Mail Delivery System”, the next day when I logged onto my computer. I had closed down the computer the night before at 23;45 hours, the email claimed it failed at 23:29 hours. I thought to myself hang on I did not send any emails last night. I checked my “Sent” folder and sure enough I had not sent any emails the night before. So like all the rest of these emails , it was sent to the Spam Folder. I am sure all these emails have links in them to either obtain your personal information, or lock your computer, then requesting a payment. Clear message “Don’t open them Don’t respond to them”.

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