Become an iTunes Power User with My New Ebook, Take Control of iTunes 12: The FAQ

Tc itunes cover 200 2xI know, it’s been a long time coming. For various reasons, the update to my popular Take Control of iTunes book was delayed. But that’s a good thing; it means that we could release a new version right after the introduction of Apple Music.

This 251-page ebook covers every aspect of iTunes. Here’s the publisher’s blurb:

Befuddled by how Apple Music changes the iTunes interface? Want to know how Apple Music intersects with iTunes Match? Tired of playing hide-and-seek with the iTunes sidebar? Wish you could organize your podcasts? Wondering what the difference is between loves and stars? In this FAQ-style ebook, Kirk McElhearn (author of “The iTunes Guy” column at Macworld) explains not only how the iTunes features work, but how normal people can make iTunes do what they want.

Relying on an easily browsed question-and-answer approach, Kirk shares his love of music and helps you understand the process of bringing media into iTunes, tagging it, adding album artwork, organizing it into playlists, and transferring it to an iPad, iPhone, or iPod. Kirk also sheds light on the many details of the new Apple Music streaming service and iCloud Music Library.

Get it now from Take Control Books: Take Control of iTunes 12: The FAQ.

5 thoughts on “Become an iTunes Power User with My New Ebook, Take Control of iTunes 12: The FAQ

  1. netherlands price is €18…have to pay Dutch vat in USA ;-) how do I know the Angst inc. is transferring the 21% VAT to my government?
    (Btw I have tc itunes 11)

    • The company that handles the fulfillment — the sales part of the transaction — is the one who handles VAT. They are part of a very large company, so rest assured that the VAT will be paid to your country’s government.

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