BBEdit Turns 12

The venerable text editor BBEdit, which has been a staple for many Mac users for 25 years, had just reached version 12. This major update, the first in three years, ensures compatibility with macOS High Sierra, and adds some interesting features, such as the ability to cut, copy, and remove text in columns (delimited by tabs, commas, etc.), a Canonize feature, to perform massive text replacements from a word list, and new display options, including an improved dark theme, something the kids like. (My aging eyes don’t work well with dark themes.)

BBEdit is the tool I use whenever I work on code, or large text files. It’s a powerful text editor that doesn’t suck. If you use it regularly, update now; if not, you should try it out. It costs $50, with upgrades for $30 or $40 depending on how long you’ve owned a previous version.

Get BBEdit.

6 thoughts on “BBEdit Turns 12

  1. Kirk, I hope you’re making a few dollars from BareBones on this.

    As a User Group officer and pundit in excess of 30 years, I’ve loved BBEdit from the very beginning shareware days to this very moment.

    BBEdit is one of the few software packages that I can recommend 100% without hesitation or reservation.
    * It has the very best “Search” and “Search/Replace” function in the industry . . .
    * It has the very best Text translator in the industry
    * It will open and edit virtually ANY file.
    * Its code colorization, is second to none
    * it’s shortcuts and library functions are robust and indispensable
    * IT can make automatic changes across files, and folders then report back what it did.
    * It can find a text string in any directory.

    If you’re not using BBEdit on your Mac, you’re not using your Mac! I have BBEdit open this very moment, in the left sliver of the screen.

    Two thumbs UP for Barebones and BBEdit.


    • I’ve been using and loving BBEdit for 17 years and have been using the public beta since it was released. But I’m surprised that you say its code colorization is second to none. I find that if I load, say, a Python script into BBEdit, Sublime Text, and Atom, the last two show many more color distinctions than BBEdit. (I’d make an example, but I’m away from my computer until Monday.) Is there something I’m doing wrong or not enabling?

  2. Kirk, yes, I know of BBEdit, but the word “code” is usually a prominent part of each review. When you say “large text files” do you mean you use BBEdit to compose a large text file or just to edit the file?

  3. This is the first update of BBEdit I’m not buying, and I’ve used (and bought and upgraded) the app on and off since it was a free app distributed from the now-definct NYMUG BBS.

    I love writing in text, and I loved using BBEdit for years. But for non-coding, which is that I do, there are now many better options on the Mac.

    For a while I settled on IA Writer but the dev-imposed lack of customizability (the largest allowed font size is barely adequate for my eyes, the light theme is too bright after a while and the dark theme is too dark) pushed me away from it, despite my liking it … and loving the app’s embedded Nitti Light font.

    Now I’m settling in with Ulysses. Although IA Writer’s devs have a valid point about limited theme customizations – I’ve spent hours playing around, tweaking type and background colors – I was finally able to choose size and color options that allow me to work longer and more productively than I could with IA Writer.

    BBEdit has great theming and customizability, but Ulysses’s functionality – with Markdown, and Typewriter Mode (with highlighting of line or paragraph if desired), simply works much better for me.

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