Ask the iTunes Guy: Sorting and Ripping

The bigger your iTunes library, the harder it is to keep it coherent. In this week’s column, I answer two questions about managing a library. The first asks how to sort artists by their last name instead of their first name, so it’s easier to find music in a large library, and the second discusses how to rip CDs when your main computer is a laptop without an optical drive.

Read this week’s Ask the iTunes Guy at Macworld.

4 thoughts on “Ask the iTunes Guy: Sorting and Ripping

  1. I looked at your older article and didn’t see the really easy way to copy between macs – just use iTunes to select the other library, tell it to show only the songs not in the local library then select any you want and iTunes will copy them into your local library.

  2. Not reliable in bulk? I’ve never had an issue with it – certainly you have to play the home sharing login dance pretty much every time (disable home sharing, re-enable and re-login), but once I’ve done that things seem to transfer fine.

  3. While on the subject of iTunes, isn’t it worth a mention that improvements have at last been made to the much-derided miniplayer in the latest update (12.6.1) given the amount of bashing it has received (with good reason) in this forum? The “disappearing cross” in the top left corner, needed to revert back to the big window, now appears on demand in all views. We haven’t got the artwork thumbnail back full time but, as a concession, the artwork can now be kept visible by dragging up the top edge of the player’s window. The track name and artist details scroll across while a track is playing (iOS-style) plus the composer name if you’ve got that option checked. This same panel switches conveniently to transport controls when you hover over it. I have reinstated it on my desktop mac and made my peace with it.

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