Ask the iTunes Guy: A look at the major changes in the iOS 10.2 Music app

itunesguy-thum-100004188-gallery.jpgThis week’s release of iOS 10.2 saw a number of changes to Apple’s mobile operating system, as well as some tweaks to the iOS Music app. In this week’s column, I tell you what’s changed, so you can be up to date: I explain the new way to sort albums and songs by artist or title, and I show you how you can (finally) rate your songs again on your iPhone or iPad. I then answer a question about music disappearing from the iTunes Store, and discuss what to do if you’re tired of renting music from Apple.

Read this week’s Ask the iTunes Guy at Macworld.

3 thoughts on “Ask the iTunes Guy: A look at the major changes in the iOS 10.2 Music app

  1. The latest update from Apple for i Tunes, when I play my music and I am not connected to the internet has a pop up window stating “i Tunes could not connect to the i Tunes store” “Make sure your network connection is active and try again” One can click on the “ok” icon but the pop up keeps reappearing, unless connected to the internet. Cannot navigate through my music collection until I keep clicking on “ok”. An annoyance due to the fact I have none of my music in the cloud and is all stored in folders I have created on my computer, backed up on USB stick and created CD collection.

  2. I just want to give a tip o’ the hat to you, Kirk, for helping us through the iOS 10 Music app situation. I just updated to 10.2 based on the return of song ratings to that version. It’s clunky now, but doable.

    The notion of scrolling down to get access to the shuffle/repeat controls and queue completely escaped me until I read your article on the matter. To be candid, I ended up liking the way Apple did that. But they just leave it to the user to figure it out and that sucks. I guess its just, “Eat ’em and smile,” time for users of the iOS Music app. Thanks for helping to sort it.

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