Apple Releases iTunes 12.4.1, Replacing Things Forgotten in iTunes 12.4

Apple has released iTunes 12.4.1, with some bug fixes, but notably restoring a few features that were “missing” from iTunes 12.4. These include:

  • Crossfade Songs, which didn’t work in iTunes 12.4
  • The Reset Plays command
  • The Convert ID3 Tags command
  • The Update command when you right-click an app in the Updates tab

This update also fixes an issue where songs added to Up Next appear in the wrong order, and corrects some problems with VoiceOver.

What’s surprising here is that some of these “fixes” are things that were missing or forgotten in iTunes 12.4. There is no logical reason why the Reset Plays command and the Convert ID3 Tags command were not in iTunes 12.4, other than sloppiness. I assume the iTunes engineering team has a checklist of features and menu items, and these two commands were simply missing from the menus.

I’ll scratch the above off my list of Minor Changes in iTunes 12.4.

16 thoughts on “Apple Releases iTunes 12.4.1, Replacing Things Forgotten in iTunes 12.4

  1. I don’t know if you noted this already, but a few keyboard shortcuts were broken in 12.4 as well. Command-F to search only works half the time. It’s also no longer possible to Command-Shift-] or [ to tab between “My Library” and “Apple Music” in the search results.

    Very annoying as I used these shortcuts a lot.

  2. I have to admit I’m reluctant to upgrade to any new version of iTunes, because the last time I did it created 558 duplicates in my iTunes Library! Any word if this has happened again in this latest version. I’m still parsing through my track lists (with the help of Doug Adam’s duplication tool) to rid myself of these duplicates. Arrrg …

    • No, I haven’t heard reports of duplicates in the latest update. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. :-)

  3. It’s 7:25 AM PDT, Friday June 3. iTunes says there’s an update available, but the App Store doesn’t seem to have it.

    • I saw it in the Mac App Store when I got up this morning (I’m in the UK). I downloaded it to two Macs about 6 hours ago. But there have been problems with the stores yesterday, so it might not be caught up everywhere.

  4. speaking of updating. Is it just me… Since, what seems like forever, and, at least for all of version 12, attempting to use iTunes>Check for Updates never works. It checks…, then displays a dialog box inviting you to download the update, then proceeds to open the App Store Updates page, whereupon there is always no iTunes update available (even after switching thru my two apple ID accounts). Even searching for iTunes in the store never shows iTunes (at all). Consequently I end up going to the Apple iTunes download webpage to get it…

    Am I missing something?

  5. I’m running a freshly installed copy of on Windows, and the Convert ID3 Tags command is NOT back in my installation.

      • Apple moved the option from the right-click context menu to the File menu.
        Switch to Song view.
        Select your songs.
        File > Convert > Convert ID3 Tags

          • I was up til 1am last night trying to find that setting, after everyone said it was back. Had a few hundred MP3’s from another app, that my trucks radio hates their ID3 implementation of, that needed converted. Normally I’d rip my CD, import into iTunes, Convert the ID3 from 2.3 to 2.3. All would be good. Then that option went away…

            • Dang man! That is nutty. Was not to smart for Apple to mess with it. I am GLAD you found the solution!

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