Apple Quietly Increases iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library Limits Above 25,000 Tracks

Apple has increased the 25,000-track limit to iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library. The company has not made any announcements yet, but I have heard from several people who have finally been able to add more than 25,000 tracks to their iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library libraries.

Here is the status bar for one user’s iTunes library; this person only has a few dozen tracks purchased from the iTunes Store, the rest are CD rips or tracks added from Apple Music:

Itunes match2

I’ve heard from others, on Twitter and by email, that they, too, have been able to add more than 25,000 tracks.

With iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library, all tracks in your library are counted against the limit with the exception of iTunes Store purchases. So any tracks you add to your library that you’ve ripped from CDs, or that you add from Apple Music, count against the limit.

Eddy Cue said, earlier this year, that Apple would increase the track limit to 100,000. If anyone has tried to put that many tracks in the cloud, please post in the comments. And anyone else who has more than 25,000 tracks, post the number of tracks that you’ve matched or uploaded.

This one gets a “finally.”

14 thoughts on “Apple Quietly Increases iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library Limits Above 25,000 Tracks

  1. Good to know … and it’s about time. I just broke 24,000 (that’s “Uploaded” + “Matched” tracks); now I can upload the 700+ CDs in my hardcopy collection that have been sitting out in the garage, waiting for Apple to up the limit.

  2. I successfully signed up 96,466 tracks, but it seems a lot aren’t in the cloud? How do I check ho many are in the cloud?

  3. I had been waiting for this change in limit since I have 43,000+ songs in my collection and turned iTunes Match back on with my primary library. However, like many others, I noticed metadata changing, like album artwork. Also, anything purchased from iTunes would revert back to the iTunes store data if I had changed a title or album title or artist, etc. Pretty frustrating! Now, if you manually change the tag once the initial match process is complete, then it seems to stick. The most odd occurrence is with the tags that control the rating of the songs (i.e. Explicit or Clean). Currently, if the song has an explicit tag (rating = 4), iTunes Match will take away the tag (changing it to a ratings = 0 tag within the metadata). However, if you manually change the tag back to the desired tag, iTunes Match will immediately change it back. For reference, I use a tagging program called Metadatics to edit and view the tags. Any ideas if these are known issues and will be fixed? Or has anybody found a way to correct these issues (without manually editing) or a way to keep this from happening? Thankfully, I backed up my library and can easily turn off iTunes Match and transfer the old library files back. The most irritating part is that Apple changed the files themselves, not just the library files.

  4. I just tried to subscribe with my library consisting of 103k tracks, and got the same rejection/error message as when I used to try with the 25k limit, the only difference being that the new message now says the limit is 100,000.

    grumble! so close!

  5. After 2 days of uploading, now have…
    23,504 songs Matched or Purchased
    9,467 songs Uploaded
    2,441 songs Waiting
    240 songs Ineligible (bit rate)
    18 Duplicates
    10 Errors
    Very pleased, apart from the “waiting” stuff, haven’t worked that out yet.

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