Apple Is Getting Out of the Printing Business

Apple has been selling photo prints and books through the Photos (previously iPhoto) app for many years. But the company is exiting this business in the fall.

Photo prints

I guess you could ask, why was Apple still in the print business at all? Sure, in the early days, it was probably somewhat lucrative, since it was so easy to order prints directly from within the app. But there is so much competition that there’s little point to Apple being involved in this. And Apple certainly didn’t do this printing themselves; they outsourced it to a company whose core business this is.

There are a number of Mac apps that can work as extensions to Photos that offer this service, and clicking the left-hand button above takes you to the Mac App Store to check them out. And there are hundreds, even thousands of companies offering prints online.

The advantage of using the Photos app, or an extension, is that you can organize projects from within the app, making it very simple. If you install one of these extensions, you can access it from the File > Create menu when viewing a photo album.

5 thoughts on “Apple Is Getting Out of the Printing Business

  1. I have tried a lot of other photo printing services (mostly to print books and cards) and none of them come close to the quality that Apple offers. This is sad news.

  2. ..But I still have to use iPhoto again whenever I want to compose an HTML gallery from a set of photos and then FTP it to my site. Apple promised us parity with iPhoto when it abandoned it for the new Photos app and appears to have lied.

    There was an extension from some company or other who’d make galleries on their site, but that is not what we need.

    • I don’t know that they promised full parity, but there are a lot of features that were never brought over from iPhone.

  3. Very sad news. To have photos in albums has been there “always”, and Apple’s books was the new way to save photos, in fantastic books. To have thousands of photos in the cloud… completely stupid in my opinion, except as a backup. It is something else to have your best photos in a beautiful book.
    Apple has been hiding this function more and more, and not even Mac-users know about it. So why stop this, instead of develop the whole thing, the app and how to promote it. Only Mac has this opportunity in an app that comes with the computer, and absolutely no other photo books are even close to become close to the quality of the Apple books. And living in Europe, making dozens of Apple books the last few years, it would be impossible to use an app where the books is printed in USA, it would cost several fortunes in postage. Apple only take 9 Euro, one or more of the same book, delivered at my door a few days later. From the Netherlands.
    I know 2-3 people that was going to buy a Mac to make books, non of them will by a Mac now. iPad can do most work for most people.
    Sad news. Really really sad.

  4. Very sad news . . . I’ve done an annual family calendar from iPhoto and Apple for over a dozen years!

    Does anyone have an alternate that is not an online engine, and will take an uploaded PDF file?

    I believe iPhoto still puts together the PDF file just fine. You have to find someone to print it.

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