Fujifilm UK Discount Code

I bought another refurbished lens today from Fujifilm. I’m in the UK, and they have an extensive refurb store, in parallel with their direct sales of new gear.

After the purchase, they gave me a link to share with friends that provides a 5% discount on any order from the Fujifilm online store. Apparently I will also get a 5% discount on my next purchase, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

If you do use Fujifilm cameras and are in the UK, check out their store. I’ve bought several lenses from them, and they are usually around 25% off. I’ve not bought a body or full camera, but the discounts are similar.

How to Know When It’s Time to Hire a Content Marketing Manager

Every business lives or dies by the way it communicates. Whether it’s advertising, press releases, social media, email marketing, or blog posts, the best way companies can get the message out about its products or services is via digital communication.

Content marketing covers a range of communication techniques on digital platforms: from blog posts to Instagram, from Facebook to the newsletters you send out to current or prospective clients. And effective content marketing cannot be improvised; rather, it is taking over from advertising in many cases, and requires a solid strategy and quality content.

In the early stages of a business, your marketing manager will probably oversee all this work. But as your business grows, you should consider hiring a content marketing manager (or content associate) who can take on the essential task of copywriting.

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How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication for Your Apple Developer Account

Last week, Apple informed people who have Apple developer accounts that they need to set up two-factor authentication for those accounts. They sent the following email:

In an effort to keep your account more secure, two-factor authentication will be required to sign in to your Apple Developer account and Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles starting February 27, 2019. This extra layer of security for your Apple ID helps ensure that you’re the only person who can access your account. If you haven’t already enabled two-factor authentication for your Apple ID, please learn more and update your security settings.

This two-week warning was a bit surprising, but even more so because many people use a separate Apple ID for their developer accounts; some even manage multiple developer accounts for clients. Since Apple’s method of using two-factor authentication is device-specific – it sends codes to trusted devices – this can be problematic.

Fortunately, there is a workaround.

Start by creating a new user account on a Mac. Sign into iCloud with that account using your developer account Apple ID. You will be asked if you want to turn on two-factor authentication; go ahead.

You’ll be asked to give a phone number on which you can receive a code via SMS. Give the number of your iPhone, or whatever phone you use. When you get the code, enter it to complete the setup.

Go to the Apple developer website and log in using your developer Apple ID and password. You’ll be asked to enter a code that was sent to your device; this will be the Mac where you set up the new user account.


Ignore that code and click Didn’t get a verification code? You’ll see the following:


Click Text Me to get a six-digit code sent to your phone. Enter that code and you’re in.

Once you’ve done this, you can delete the user account you created.

It’s a shame that Apple doesn’t offer the ability to use an authenticator app to generate codes. I know a lot of developers – including myself – who were a bit confused by the email saying they had to turn on two-factor authentication, because your individual devices are used for the verification, and the same device cannot be used for multiple accounts.

And the other problem is for people who manage multiple developer accounts. Having to go through this process for each one is time-consuming. Yet another reason why Apple’s Apple ID system needs to be rethought.

The PhotoActive Podcast, Episode 35: Martin Parr Shot My Portrait

Photoactive 400In this episode of PhotoActive, we have some specific ideas about photographing with constraints. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge of individual shooting features (such as aperture or shutter speed) or get out of a creative rut, imposing constraints on yourself can actually turn out to be a freeing exercise.

Listen to PhotoActive, Episode 36: Photographing with Constraints.

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Intego Mac Podcast, Episode 70: How to Avoid Getting Hacked After Data Breaches

Data breaches are common, and when this happens, and your data is included, you need to know what to do to protect yourself. We take a deep dive into data breaches and the things you can do to keep yourself safe.

Check out the latest episode of The Intego Mac Podcast, which I co-host with Josh Long. We talk about Macs and iOS devices, and how to keep them secure.

Don’t Trust VaultPress to Back Up Your WordPress Site

I use VaultPress, via Jetpack, to back up my WordPress sites. I received an email this morning with the subject line:

[VaultPress] Warning! VaultPress is having problems backing up kirkville.com

The body of the email said:


It seems like we haven’t generated any backup snapshots of your site kirkville.com/wordpress since Dec 19.

At VaultPress, our highest priority is to keep your content safely backed up at all times, and we’d like to make sure everything is in order. Thank you for replying to this message so that we can start looking into this issue.

Dec 19.

That’s nearly two months ago. Why are you just telling me this now?

I went to the VaultPress dashboard on my site, and saw this:

Vaultpress sucks

175 times in the past 4 weeks. Seriously.

One of the most important things is computer security is telling you when something doesn’t work. It’s no use having a backup routine if backups aren’t happening.

This is an egregious failure in VaultPress’s service. Fortunately, I have never needed to restore my site from a VaultPress backup, but I know I cannot trust it now. I am using VaultPress as part of the Jetpack Pro subscription, and the next time that subscription comes up for renewal, I will stop paying for the pro version. In the meantime, I’m going to check out the many WordPress plugins that back up the site and database. VaultPress cannot be trusted.