Why Won’t Siri Tell Me the Temperature in Centigrade?

Now that Siri is available on the latest iPad, as part of iOS 6, I’ve been experimenting with it. It works much better than in iOS 5, and can even tell me the temperature. However, it won’t tell me in centigrade.

If I ask on my iPhone, however, I get the temperature in centigrade:

A fried speculates that since there is a Weather app for the iPhone, and I have that set to centigrade, Siri spots that and gives me the temperature using that scale. But since there is no Weather app on the iPad (go figure…), it fails. Even though my time zone is set in France, where centigrade is standard.

There really should be a default unit setting somewhere. Another Siri oddity…

Update: The solution is this. On the iPad, open the Clock app, tap on Edit, and you have two buttons, F and C. Nice place to put that option.