Why Use VueScan?

I just got a new scanner – a Canon CanoScan LIDE210. I’ve used Canon scanners for many years, and have always been satisfied, but my current (now previous) scanner, an LIDE70, was about six years old, and relatively slow. I want to scan some books, and I wanted something that is faster.

The LIDE210 claims to scan letter-sized documents in 10 seconds; this was born out in my tests using the scanner’s own software. But I wanted to try out VueScan, which is said, by some, to be far superior to general scanning software. When scanning the same type of document, just to save as an image – with roughly the same settings as the Canon software – it took about a minute to scan. The program may have advanced features for scanning photos, but I don’t plan to do that. At most, I’ll be scanning CD liner notes to use as album art.

So, are any of my readers VueScan users? If so, what do you see in the program? Any idea why it is so slow? Am I perhaps missing something?