Why Safari’s Shared Links Are Useless

001.pngDave Mark’s comments on The Loop about Amazon’s new Twitter-to-shopping-cart feature #AmazonCart and how it’s poorly implemented, in part because of the way Twitter prevents you from posting the exact same tweet twice.

In a different vein, I was thinking about Safari’s Shared Links; the links that show up in the sidebar where you can view your Bookmarks or Reading List. As you can see in the screenshot to the left, these links are merely tweets that contain URLs. If I had Facebook connected to my OS X account, I’d presumably see links with Facebook posts as well.

It makes me wonder, sometimes, how these features get added to release versions of software. As Dave points out, you can only use the same Twitter reply once, and need to add a random word to your tweet for it to work with Amazon’s new system. As for Apple’s Shared Links, how can anyone find this useful? If you use Twitter, then you’ll be able to click from the links you see in tweets; why does anyone think it’s useful to have them in another location? Yes, you can search the list of Shared Links, but I wonder if anyone bothers with that.

I don’t think anyone wants to wade through such a long list of links. It would make more sense if Safari’s Shared Links only showed you links from tweets you favorited. That way, if you want to check out a link later, you can just favorite it in your Twitter client or on the Twitter website, and you’ll be able to get to it where you want.

It seems that many companies want to “leverage” social media stuff in their apps and storefronts, but don’t think of the real ways people use social media. Both of these features seem, to me, to be poorly thought out and, in the end, not very useful.

What about you? Do you use Safari’s Shared Links at all?