Why Is it So Hard to Find a DECT Telephone with a Headphone Jack?

I need a new telephone for my home office, and I really like using headphones when I talk, so I can type while talking with clients, and so I don’t have to hold the phone in my hand and keep my arm raised at other times. I live in France, and there are essentially two brands of telephones available: Siemens (Gigaset) and Philips. (There are many other brands, but they only sell the most basic telephones.)

After doing some research, the only phone I could find that has the ability to connect a headset is the Gigaset SL400. It has a mini USB jack, which you can use to transfer data, and which also allows you to connect a headset. I bought this phone, and bought a mini USB > 3.5 mm adapter, but I get no sound out of my headphones. (I’ve contacted Siemens’ support, which is supposed to get back to me, but the call-center person I talked to didn’t even understand what I wanted to do.) The SL400 does have Bluetooth, but I hate Bluetooth earpieces, and the connection takes several seconds, which is annoying.

I like this phone a lot, but I want a DECT phone that allows me to connect headphones, period. I’m surprised that this seems to be rare, at least in Europe. One friend in the US has an older Motorola phone with a headphone jack, but Motorola sells very few phones here.

It’s odd that you are expected to hold a phone like this in your hand, while all mobile phones come with hands-free kits. This is especially the case for people who use these phones in offices, and may need to use their hands while talking, as I often do when working with clients on the phone.

So, any suggestions? Has anyone found a phone like this?

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28 thoughts on “Why Is it So Hard to Find a DECT Telephone with a Headphone Jack?

    • Ouch, that’s expensive!

      Yes, I do like the SL400, but I really want to use it with a headset. Siemens’ support is horrendous, and they can’t answer this question.

  1. I’ve never been able to get the SIP to work with my Freebox. And, in any case, I want this on my fixed phone, which I use for work. I could make all my calls from my iPhone, but I prefer not to.

    • That would be pretty much the same as a Bluetooth earpiece. I really want to use a standard stereo headset with mic; I much prefer having the sound come in both ears instead of one. Also, I don’t want yet another device that has to charge. Picky? Yes, I am. :-)

      • I understand, I’m picky too, that’s why I like you blog! Anyway, I subscribed to this thread because I’d like to know if there’s a solution, this is a problem for me too.

  2. Hum, on second thought you hate “Bluetooth earpieces” and the Plantronics headset looks very cheap, so…

    • Yes, I actually had (and maybe still have somewhere) a similar Plantronics Bluetooth earpiece that I got when reviewing a speech recognition program. The sound was horrid, and the earpiece was uncomfortable. Plantronics makes a lot of good stuff – in fact, one of my favorite mics for dictation is a Plantronics – but those dinky ones aren’t great. (The mic I use for dictation is wireless, but not BT, and I only use it to speak, not listen.)

  3. Most of the discussion has centered around how to attach the headset to the DECT handset. Why not go back a half step in the chain and attach headset to the cradle via the PSTN connection. That would bring the entire line of Plantronics SAVIi office and Jawbone desktop headsets in to play. The headset could work with the PSTN line to your DECT phone, with Skype or Other Mac based apps or your mobile using a BT connection (but for some just in the office). Then base station to headset is DECT so good quality and battery life. The connection from the small base station to the phone is analog PSTN, to the PC with USB and to your mobile via BT. Works very well.

  4. Hi Kirk — I just bought a SL400 system and was hoping to do the exact same thing. I also greatly prefer a wired headset rather than BT. Were you ever able to resolve this issue and get it working?

  5. Update: I’ve discovered that Gigaset DECt handsets have a 2.5mm headset adapter. You can get 3.5mm female to 2.5mm male adapters for these from ebay – the only downside is the sound only comes through one ear – but it’s nearly there!!

  6. Hi there, I was looking for the same kind of feature (with 2.5mm jack earphone) in a DECT phone and I found these two:

    Gigaset CL540
    Gigaset C620H

    Hope it helps ;)

    Best regards

    • This was some time ago. I use the Bluetooth headset MW 600 from Sony Ericsson. Works great and it´s just like a wired one with two earpiece if you want.
      Phil Suspector

  7. Yes indeed it is very hard to find. I’m also looking for one but also need a mute button because there is a lot of ambient noise from where I use it.

  8. The Panasonic TGP-500, 550 and 600 all have 2.5mm headset jacks and another handy feature – use standard size rechargeable batteries so easy to replace and recharge batteries for Panasonics.

  9. +1 for a solution here please Siemens. I just giot the SL400 and am dissapointed. I don’t want a bluetooth headset and just want to plug in my standard headphones (2.5 or 3.5mm). Frustrating.

  10. +1 for DECT with 3.5 mm (mobiles phones has it => people use it)

    I konw this is not the matter, but has somenone try/use a rj9 to 3.5mm adapter?


  11. For some stupid reason DECT headphones were standardized with a 2.5mm headphone jack.
    These jacks are mechanically fragile and source of all kinds of errors.
    Quality headset for 2.5mm jacks are also quite expensive.
    Thus people don’t tend to use headsets.
    With the advent of smartphones and the 3.5mm jacks it could well be possible to build DECT headphones with this jack too. The only devices I know so far are the MT phones from AVM Fritz though.
    It seems that marketeers in DECT phone companies all stick to the old quasi standard or have no headphone jack at all.
    Stupidity reigns again.

  12. I have the same problem, I just want to use a simple smartphone headset (stereo+mic) in a DECT cordless phone….

    I’ve bought C530 Gigaset which came with a 2.5mm jack plug. Now I need a conversor from my 3.5mm jack smartphone headset (4 poles TRRS).
    But I can’t get the C530 jack plug configuration from Gigaset support.

    Does anyone know if its a 3 pole or a 4 pole jack? and the pins configuration????

  13. I have the same issue! Unbelievable that Siemens produce such a good – and expensive – phone and yet leave everyone dangling over this most basic point.

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