Why I Bought a Googlephone

Moto g 2732952bToday, I bought an Android phone; a Googlephone. I’ve been an iPhone user for years – my first smartphone was an iPhone – and I’ve never been tempted to switch. And I didn’t buy this phone to switch, but to see how the other half lives.

I know many people who use Android phones, but I’ve never looked at them closely. And I’d been thinking, recently, that I should get an Android phone and see how it works, so I can better appreciate the iPhone; or find what Android does better.

I was finally swayed today by the new Moto G, just released, here in the UK. (Amazon UK) It’s only £135, or about 1/5 of what I paid for my iPhone 5s. I certainly don’t expect it to match the iPhone, and it’s got much less storage – 8 GB compared to 64 GB on my iPhone. But I don’t plan to put much on the phone – certainly not much music – so I think I can live with that amount.

It’s important to note that this phone is unlocked; it’s the cheapest smartphone you can get without a contract, and a review in The Guardian today was quite positive. I’ll not get a contract; I’ve got a starter SIM with £10 of credit, and I’ll get a pre-pay SIM card when I need more.

So, with this in mind, I call on any of my readers who use an Android phone for recommendations. Which apps should I try out? What’s the best Twitter client? The best web browser (though I assume I’ll have to try Chrome). What other apps are worth looking at (free or cheap, please).

Worst case, I’ll be able to use this as an emergency phone, but I’m planning to spend some time with it and write a few articles comparing it to the iPhone. So come back soon to see how I get on.

Oh, and, is there an Android version of Letterpress?