Why Doesn’t Apple Have a Mobile Version of Its Website?

Apple just sold 51 million iPhones in the last quarter. Yet they still don’t have a mobile version of their website.

If you’re looking at this on a computer, the images in this post should be about the size of an iPhone / iPod touch screen. Everything in them is tiny. Maybe not the big images in the center, but the words, and especially the navigation bar.

2014-01-30 14.42.04.png     2014-01-30 14.43.06.png

Come on, Apple; I think you can figure out how to make a mobile web site. It’s 2014.

It’s worth noting that the Mac Pro page is designed to be fully responsive, with texts that are readable on an iPhone. (I don’t know why Safari won’t get rid of the footer though; it must have something to do with the very long scroll of the page.)

2014-01-30 15.07.36.png