Why Apple’s Weather App for iOS Sucks

A video on Macworld today reminded me how bad Apple’s Weather app for iOS is. Serenity Caldwell shows how to use this app, but neglects to point out that it’s one of the hardest weather apps to view.

Here are two weather apps, side by side. On the left is Apple’s app; on the right is the Yahoo! weather app.

2014-08-15 14.34.23.png   2014-08-15 14.34.19.png

I don’t know why Apple chose to use such low-contrast colors in this app, but it’s extremely hard to see if your vision isn’t sharp, especially outdoors, which is one place where you might want to check the weather. The fonts are smaller, and there’s lots of wasted space.

Since Apple’s app uses Yahoo!’s forecasts, it’s much easier for me to use the Yahoo! app, and this may be the case for lots of people.