What Vinyl Resurgence?

The BBC has published the results of a survey showing that half the people who buy vinyl records don’t even listen to them; many don’t even own turntables.

According to Digital Music News, who breaks down the survey, 52% of people own and use a turntable, 41% of people own turntables but don’t use them, and 7% of people buying vinyl don’t even own a turntable.

In the BBC report, a student explains that he buys vinyl records to collect them, and puts them on his wall because “they look nice.”

I own a few vinyl records – and no turntable – and I have bought them to support indie artists I like, and, potentially, as collectibles. I’m therefore like half the people who buy vinyl, showing that the much-vaunted “vinyl resurgence” isn’t even about the “warm sound” of LPs.

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2 thoughts on “What Vinyl Resurgence?

  1. I’ve bought four vinyl LPs this year. All are only available as vinyl purchase. One had a download code, the others I ripped. I do play vinyl, but only occasionally – I find the product itself aesthetically appealing, and a product to be looked after. I don’t perceive any particular audiophile quality in the vinyl listening experience.
    I’ve ripped my whole vinyl collection (more or less), and I found a much greater personal attachment to the music than CD or download formats have ever given. I could remember buying every single one of them!

  2. Though I’m just barely old enough to have listened to records when I was a kid (and remember doing so) I’ve only started buying them as an adult, this year. I have about 10 so far, and while I do own a Fisher MC 4040 I do not have speakers for it. I keep my Vinyl purchases to the albums that I love every single song and the cover art, and I have my whole family on the look out for some old floor speakers. If I don’t find any by the end of the year I plan on getting an anew turntable for x-mas. So where does that put me on the spectrum? lol

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