What I’d Like to See at WWDC

In a few hours, Tim Cook and others will be taking the stage at the 2014 WWDC (WorldWide Developer Conference) to present new Apple software, and, perhaps, hardware. There are a lot of expectations, but we know that, at a minimum, we’ll get previews of OS X 10.10 and iOS 8. In addition, preview versions of one or both of these will be available to developers today. (Watch the keynote live on the web or an an Apple TV.)

But there could be much more in this two-hour keynote. Here’s what I’d like to see.


  • A retina iMac: It’s time that Apple improve the resolution on their displays. A retina iMac would be great; it doesn’t need the same pixel density as an iPhone, or even a MacBook Pro, since you generally have a desktop display further from your eyes.
  • An Apple 4K display: This could, of course, be the retina display. Whether it’s a standalone display or one that is also available on the iMac remains to be seen, but it’s obvious that Apple, who already has 4K support in the Mac Pro, will have to create their own. The current Thunderbolt display hasn’t been updated in years.
  • A new Apple TV (with SDK for third-party apps): The Apple TV needs to open itself up to third-party apps. This would be a huge boost for the platform.
  • Larger displays for the iPhone and/or iPad: We may not see these announced, but there may be some announcements for developers about tools to develop apps that adapt to different display sizes.


  • Healthbook: There have been lots of rumors about this, a sort of health information app. This will be a big field in the future, together with wearables.
  • Mobile payments: Again, there have been rumors about Apple being in talks with retailers. This would be a great feature for the iPhone, especially since Touch ID can be a secure biometric way of proving one’s identity.
  • iCloud that works: iCloud is so broken, and has been since it was unveiled. It’s time to improve it; something that would require a huge overhaul. It also needs more storage by default, perhaps linked to the number of devices one has registered iCloud.
  • Music streaming subscription service: We know that Apple will be running one, with Beats Music, but perhaps Tim Cook will tell us more about how it will work. It’s possible, however, that Apple won’t discuss this, since the Beats deal will take several months to close, because of regulatory approval being required.

What about you? What are you hankering for from Apple today?