Viewing Lyrics in the iOS 7 Music App

2013-09-24 09.07.36.pngYou’ve long been able to view lyrics in the iOS Music app, but Apple has made a subtle change in iOS 7. Instead of having the lyrics display in a white font on a black background, the lyrics now display in a crisper font on a smoked-glass background.

To view lyrics in the Music app, you need to make sure you’ve turned on the appropriate setting. Go to Settings > Music, and turn on Lyrics & Podcast Info.

I’ve found two problems with lyrics and podcast info in iOS 7. First, podcast info does not display for me. I have a number of podcasts with descriptions, and those descriptions should display when you’re listening to a podcast in the Podcasts app, and you tap on the podcast’s album art. When I tap, nothing displays.

Second, lyrics don’t change when a song changes. This used to work: if you had the lyrics of a song visible, then the song ended, the next song would display its lyrics.

I assume Apple will be fixing both of these issues in the future. Unless it’s just me…