UK Mobile Phone Carrier EE To Offer WiFi Calls and Texts

The Telegraph reports that EE will soon offer calls and texts over WiFi. The idea is to offer coverage in areas with poor reception.

One of the biggest bugbears of mobile users living and working in areas of the UK with weak or no mobile signal is that they cannot make or receive calls or text messages. This can be as much of an issue inside buildings as it is in rural areas of the country.

This is a great idea, and I’m surprised other companies aren’t doing it. I’m affected by this: the coverage around my house is terrible, and the house has stone walls. I’m an EE customer, and they sell a femtocell – their name is Signal Box – which provides coverage indoors. But with WiFi calling, I won’t even need that any more, starting in the fall.

It would also make sense for companies that offer both phone and broadband, as EE does, to have their routers with a public channel for others in the area to use for calls. While WiFi doesn’t extend very far, it would allow you to make calls in some areas, when you’ve stopped for a drink or to get gas, for example. I’ve seen too many rural parts of the UK with no coverage; any improvement is welcome.