Twitter Thoughts: Using Two Accounts to Sort Tweets?

I’ve been using Twitter for several months now, with my account @mcelhearn. I find it a good way to communicate with my readers, as well as with my colleagues. It’s also an interesting way to get news, though I tend to depend more on RSS for general news. But I’ve noticed that there are two types of Twitter accounts I follow, and I’m wondering if it wouldn’t make sense for me to have two Twitter accounts, and even use two clients, one for each.

One the one hand, there is the general communication among friends, colleagues and followers. That’s the standard, often two-way Twitter usage that most people have. But then there are the one-way communications, from, for example, new sites and publications I follow. Some are breaking news, others in-depth reporting, and still others are record labels and musical performers I follow. It seems that segregating these follow-only accounts to a separate Twitter account would make sense, and would make my timeline less populated and easier to read. However, while many Twitter clients can handle multiple accounts, I have yet to see any that can display both accounts at the same time, in different windows. Hence the idea of using two clients: one for my main account, and one for my follow account. (To be fair, this might be just confusing; switching from one account to another might be sufficient.)

What would probably be more efficient would be to group my news tweets in a list. But I don’t see that Twitter clients can choose to not display the contents of a list in the timeline; that could be a good way of segregating different types of tweets.

Have any of you done this with Twitter? If so, how does it work out for you?