Tweet to Add Items to Your Amazon Shopping Cart with #AmazonCart Hashtag

001.png Amazon has introduced a new feature called #AmazonCart. You can now reply to any tweet that features a link to an product, add the #AmazonCart hashtag, and Amazon will add that item to your shopping cart. (You’ll have to link your Twitter account to your Amazon profile for this to work.)

It’s an interesting idea. I often see people share links for Amazon products on Twitter, and may not always have time to check them out. Tweeting with this hashtag will add them to my cart so I can look at them more closely when I have time.

What’s interesting, though, is that, unless your Twitter timeline is private, anyone will be able to see what you’re adding to your cart. Not only may this interest people you know, but I can imagine marketers looking into this as a way of getting an idea of what types of items are trending.

If you want to add an item to the Amazon UK store, use the #AmazonBasket hashtag. I don’t see anything in France, Germany or Canada about it, so it may be limited, for now, to the US and UK.