The iTunes Store Goes TV Marathon

Netflix has shown that people want to watch TV series in marathon viewings, and has released a number of the series it has produced – such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black – to meet this demand. Instead of letting episodes trickle out one a week, they give you an entire season, all at once. You can binge watch if you want, or take your time.

The iTunes Store generally doesn’t do this, since it sells series that are broadcast weekly. But with the fourth season of Downton Abbey – already broadcast in the UK – they can, and they will.


If you buy a season pass for season four of Downton Abbey, you’ll get all the episodes on January 28. So you can watch them at your own rhythm.

But they’re not just doing this for Downton Abbey; they’re also offering the full season three of Game of Thrones. The difference here is that this season was already broadcast in the US, so it’s just a release of a digital box set of the season.

They’re also releasing the entire series of The White Queen, another British series (yawn-worthy), at once.

I doubt we’ll see more of this, except for British series sold in the US. No TV network wants to lose viewers to digital sales in this manner, potentially losing advertisers.