The First Ask the iTunes Guy Column on Macworld

About a month ago, Macworld announced that I would be “the iTunes Guy” for a new column where readers send in questions about using iTunes, iPods and other iOS devices. The response was overwhelming, and we’ve gotten a couple hundred e-mails already, just from that single announcement. Because of this, current plans are to run this column more frequently than what was initially planned, assuming, of course, that we keep getting so many questions.

Today, the first Ask the iTunes Guy column has gone live on the Macworld web site. I chose to focus on iTunes Match, as there are many issues and questions about this new service. Have no fear, though, future columns (I’ve already written several) will cover other aspects of working with iTunes: managing a library, ripping CDs, tagging files, working with playlists, and much more.

So, if you have iTunes questions, head over to the Macworld website and send yours in.