Texting Shakespeare Plays to Get Revenge

Edd Joseph has trolling skills. After he got ripped off by someone when trying to buy a PS3 controller on Gumtree, he decided to get revenge. To do this, he started sending Shakespeare plays to the errant seller by text message.

You see, you can paste all of the text of a Shakespeare play – Hamlet, depending on the edition, has over 30,000 words – in a single text message. When you send that message, it gets split into 160 character chunks. So the recipient gets 1,143 text messages. That’s quite annoying.

So far, Edd has texted 22 of Shakespeare’s 37 plays, and plans to continue, until he gets his money back, or until he gets that PS3 controller he paid for. I guess that, after that, he’ll fall back on some other public domain texts. I recommend Henry James; his novel The Ambassadors is over 922,000 characters, or 5,765 texts.