TextExpander 4, an Essential OS X Utility, on Sale Half Price, only $17

TextExpander is another one of those utilities that I couldn’t live without on my Mac. The principle is simple: you set up snippets of text that TextExpander replaces when you type certain abbreviations. For example – let me go turn TextExpander off, so it doesn’t expand what I’m going to type… – I type hrf to create HTML link, with TextExpander inserting the contents of the clipboard in between tho quotes, then moving the cursor between the two parts of the tag, so I can type the text that will be seen. Or, I type lb for LaunchBar, which has saved me a lot of time when I was recently working on the soon-to-be-released update to my Take Control of LaunchBar. (And, as you can imagine, writing this article, I just used the first snippet again.)

Here’s what the TextExpander interface looks like:


It’s sober and utilitarian, but you don’t see it often, only when you create or edit snippets. There are also other, quicker ways to create snippets; for example, copy something to the clipboard, then choose the TextExpander menu extra > Create New Snippet from Clipboard.

Seriously, you’d be crazy to not take advantage of this half-price sale. Get TextExpander now for only $17!