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Sponsor: Rogue Amoeba Software

I’d like to thank Rogue Amoeba Software for sponsoring Kirkville this month. Rogue Amoeba has just released a major update to is great audio recording software Audio Hijack. I’m a long-time user of Audio Hijack, and I use it to record podcasts, radio streams, music from DVDs and more. I’ve written an overview of the […]

Learn about LaunchBar’s Six Superpowers in My Latest Book: Take Control of LaunchBar

Updated for the recently released LaunchBar 6. I’ve been using LaunchBar for nearly as long as it has been around on the Mac. It’s the first utility that I install on every new Mac; with LaunchBar installed, I can get on with everything else I need to do. LaunchBar has superpowers. It won’t give you […]

Three Wireless Microphones for Speech Recognition

In my latest Macworld article, I look at three wireless microphones to use with Dragon Dictate, or other speech recognition solutions. After having tested a number of wireless microphones a few years ago, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of wireless mics now. I look at three models, from a portable one to a […]

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