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Apple Adds News Radio from NPR to iTunes Radio

Apple has added its first non-music iTunes Radio station: NPR News and Culture. Accessible like other iTunes Radio stations, NPR News and Culture will stream a number of live news and recording segments from the US public radio network. This is an interesting addition to iTunes Radio, and Apple plans to add other news stations […]

I Thought iTunes Match’s Matching Wasn’t Great; Then I Tried Rdio

I’ve written a lot about iTunes Match, and how it’s “matching” isn’t great. There are albums in can’t match, even though those albums are in the iTunes Store, and when it does match an album, it often matches all but one song. But yesterday, I tried out Rdio’s new radio station feature. Rdio offered to […]

Rogue Amoeba Intermission Lets You Pause and Rewind Live Audio

It always annoys me when I’m trying to listen to a radio station via a web-based streaming interface, and the phone rings. I have to hit pause, but then I miss what was on during my call. Or when there’s a concert on BBC Radio 3, and I want to eat lunch; I have to […]


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