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Je Suis Charlie

You have all no doubt heard about the terrorist attack in Paris. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that I lived in France for a long time; 28 years, more than half my life, so this touches me a great deal. While I only read Charlie Hebdo twice – once […]

New York Times Mobile App Plans to Dumb Readers Into Addiction

I’m a somewhat regular news reader. I’m not in any way obsessed or addicted – I can go a couple of days without checking the news on my computer or iPhone – but I do like to keep up with what’s going on. (Those who are obsessed with following the news might want to read […]

The Paywall Problem: Newspapers and Occasional Readers

I believe in newspapers, and depend on them to get news. I’m from a generation that had only newspapers – and pre-cable TV news – for daily information, and I still think they are important. I read a lot of news on the web, on many different sites, but I still depend mostly on newspaper […]

New York Times To Impose Paywall

The New York Times announced today that as of March 28, full access to the newspaper’s web site will no longer be free. This is not a surprise, but what is a shock is the price. The Times offers three prices: for web and tablet access, it’s $20 a month. For web and smartphone access, […]

Thoughts on the iPad-Only Newspaper The Daily

To much fanfare yesterday, The Daily was announced by Rupert Murdoch, head of News Corp., together with Eddy Cue, Apple vice president of Internet services. This is the first iPad-only daily news organ, and it represents, apparently, some $30 million in investment. The Daily states that it was “built from scratch for the iPad,” and […]

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