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In Praise of the Mac mini

I’ve seen a couple of articles recently wondering when the next Mac mini will be released. It’s been a while: the last update was in October, 2012, nearly a year and a half ago. Since its introduction in January, 2005, the Mac mini has seen refreshes roughly once a year, give or take a month; […]

How Much Can You Spend on a Mac Pro?

This much: That’s for the Mac Pro itself, with the maximum amount of RAM and storage, and the fastest CPU and video cards. And I added a trackpad and keyboard. (Related: Apple, are you really that cheap that you can’t include input devices with a computer at this price?) If I add a 4K display […]

First Impressions: MacBook Pro with Retina Display

I’ve now had a new MacBook Pro with Retina display for a few days, and I can safely say that the new display is the future of computing. Not only is the clarity astounding, but the viewing angle is also impressive. With 8 GB RAM, and a 256 GB SSD, this computer could be a […]

Apple: The Retina Display is Confusing

While I don’t have a MacBook Pro with Retina display – I’ve thought of getting one, but the 4-week wait is preventing me from deciding in any hurry – I’ve been reading a lot about it. Over at Mac OS X Hints, where I am the editor, there have already been two hints about this […]

Retina Displays and Flash Storage: The Future of Computers

With the introduction of the MacBook Pro with Retina display, Apple has mainstreamed two technologies. One is new on this type of computer – the retina display – and the other has been around for several years, but is starting to become the norm with laptops: flash storage. No one who has a retina display […]

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