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iTunes Radio Plays the Same Songs Over and Over

I’ve used iTunes Radio off and on since its launch, and I’ve not yet been won over by its approach. It plays the same songs over and over, until I try to exclude them by telling iTunes to not play them any more; and this even for songs I like. Since you can only skip […]

iTunes Radio Adds More Talk Radio Stations

Apple has added some more talk radio stations to iTunes Radio. In addition to the recently added NPR News and Culture station, they have added ESPN News and Sports. There are also five other NPR stations that show up when you do a search when creating a new station: It seems likely that more NPR […]

Share Your iTunes Radio Stations

Now that I can listen to iTunes Radio ad-free on my main Mac, I’ll be using it more often. I have mixed feelings about iTunes Radio. One the one hand, it does let you listen to a good selection of music in a specific genre (or sub-genre), or related to a specific artist, album or […]

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